Positive VS Negative -- Keep Our Ad on the Air


By:  Josh Mandel
Date: June 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

'm proud and grateful to report to you that we've almost reached our goal of raising $184,656 in order to keep our "Can't Push Us Around" ad on the air!

Multiple news organizations have reported about our campaign launching with two positive, upbeat TV ads, while our opponent has come out of the blocks completely negative.

Our opponent has a history of running false, misleading and dirty ads, so it's no surprise that he's beginning his campaign with his usual negative attacks.

As I travel the state, many people have asked:

"How is it that Sherrod Brown has been running for political office for 37 years and has absolutely nothing positive to say about his own record?"

My answer to them is simple:

"When you have nothing to run on and have failed at your job like Sherrod Brown, your only chance at re-election is to tear down your opponent. But what Mr. Brown's beginning to understand... is that you can't push me around!"

Last week we took our "Can't Push Us Around" tour to Wapakoneta, where I had the opportunity to speak to over 200 citizens who are seeking a leader who has the courage and backbone to stand up to the Washington establishment.

Take a look at the article below about my speech in Wapakoneta, and if you haven't yet, click here to watch our "Can't Push Us Around" ad that we're trying to keep on the air.

If you like what you see with the ad or the article, please click here to invest whatever you can afford to keep our ad on the air and gas in the tank so we can visit more and more towns around the state.

Because of the generosity and fighting spirit of so many supporters throughout Ohio and America, we only have $9,976 to go to reach our goal of $184,656 by midnight tonight! Please give what you can to keep us charging forward, repelling our opponent's desperate attacks, and advancing toward victory this fall!

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

Just $5 from everyone reading this would do it.