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Issue Position: Ensure the Texas Oil and Gas Industry Is Healthy, Prosperous and Continues to Be a Job-Creator

Issue Position

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Unfortunately, this industry is at risk. Our family's livelihoods are under attack. Is this risk a depletion of our resources? No, thanks to new technology and major finds, Texas has enough oil and gas to continue to lead the country in oil and gas production for many years into the future. This risk is man-made and driven from the liberals in Washington, D.C. who are intent on coming into our state and telling us what we can and cannot do to drive our economy, safely and conscientiously administer our natural resources and provide for our families.

President Obama and the EPA consistently take action that will simply kill Texas jobs. From Cap-and-Trade legislation to banning drilling offshore and in the ANWR to making over 600,000 acres in the Permian Basin off limits to drilling due to a lizard -- Washington is simply out of control.

We need leadership in Austin that is willing to work hard and stand strong for the Texas worker, the Texas family and the Texas economy. We need a leader who won't just throw their hands in the air and go along with the status quo. We need a leader who will speak up for Texas.

I am that leader.

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