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After several weeks of running our positive television ads, and being on the receiving end of over a million dollars' worth of false and misleading attacks from Harry Reid and Sherrod Brown, we are happy to share that the latest polling shows our message is working and theirs is backfiring.

A poll conducted in the past few days by Public Opinion Strategies shows that we are now beating Sherrod Brown by 9 points among the ever-important Independent voters! Additionally, my name recognition has increased significantly as a product of our ads, hard work and volunteer efforts throughout the state.

Most voters, but particularly the independent voters in Ohio, are still waiting for Sherrod Brown to say something positive about himself. They are starting to realize that Sherrod's only path to victory is on the low road.

Seeing this news and the unmistakable trends in Ohio, the non-partisan "Real Clear Politics", which tracks Senate and Congressional races across the country, has upgraded our race from "Lean Democrat" to "Toss-Up".

On Friday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer described Sherrod Brown's main line of attack against me as "False", "Dishonest" and "Deceiving". As Sherrod Brown continues to spread his lies, we will continue to use The Plain Dealer's words to describe him. Sherrod Brown's lies are being exposed throughout the state, and as I've said time and again, he can't push us around with Washington tactics that might have worked when he arrived in DC two decades ago.

Last year when the Washington insiders gave us no shot to win this race, you still believed in me. We've known from the beginning that Ohioans would choose our vision for Ohio and America over Sherrod's record of Washington failures, and last week affirmed it for us as we visited 22 counties on a statewide barnstorm, unveiling our "Josh Mandel Jobs Plan". The responses and media coverage we received throughout the state was terrific!

This jobs plan is different from any other economic plan being presented across the country because it is not full of new ways to spend your money. To the contrary, it offers a bold, free enterprise vision for getting Washington out of the way so that job creators and blue collar workers can unleash their work ethic and ingenuity to grow our economy back to prosperity. Click here to read the Plan and click the links below to see the coverage.

Before scrolling down to read all that coverage, please know how appreciative I am for the generous support of so many people throughout Ohio and across America. A couple weeks ago my campaign manager Ray Yonkura informed you of our goal to raise $184,656 to keep our ads running, and I'm grateful to report to you that we actually exceeded that goal!

But the fight continues, and I need your help now more than ever. If you'd like to give a little more today to keep our momentum building, just click here and donate whatever amount is comfortable for you.

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