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Help Us Fight the Hollywood Elites


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I hear a lot of interesting things as I travel across Ohio for our Senate campaign, but over the past few weeks I have begun hearing a recurring theme from people every day. People tell me: "Josh Mandel vs. Sherrod Brown...what a clear choice...this is definitely not a case of two shades of gray!"

I agree. Sherrod Brown has spent the past two decades as a Washington insider and I have spent my time serving my country as a Marine and my state as a Legislator and State Treasurer. We have starkly different visions for America, and there will be certain times in this campaign when our different visions are presented in vivid images.

This week I visited St. Clairsville and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with hard-working coal miners who labor underground every day to keep the lights on in our homes and the machines running in our factories. So many Ohio families and senior citizens can afford to stay in their homes because of the affordable electricity that's made possible by these hard-working men and women.

I also visited numerous county vocational schools this week, where both young people and adults are receiving the education and training to work the blue collar jobs that keep our state strong and country secure. In fact, the center that I visited in the Youngstown area is training men and women to work jobs in Ohio's growing oil and gas industry, literally breathing new life into the heart of the rust belt.

As I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with these coal miners, welders and machinists, Sherrod Brown stood shoulder-to-shoulder with one of the most radical of all the Hollywood elites -- Martin Sheen. Yes, the same Martin Sheen who suggested that the September 11th attack was a government conspiracy, who sides with radical elements of Islam against America's ally Israel, and who in a not-so-subtle attack referred to troops serving in Iraq as "dogs of war".

Again, this is a campaign of stark contrasts. I am a fiscal conservative who cut my office budget and protected the credit rating of the funds I invest. He is a big-spending liberal who watched federal spending double and the national debt triple under his watch, and cast the deciding vote on the federal government takeover of healthcare.

I stand with the blue collar men and women of Ohio who get their hands dirty every day to make our economy work, and he stands with the Hollywood elites who call American troops "dogs of war" and side with radical Islamists over our strongest allies.

If you like that fight and want to chip in to send a message to the Hollywood elites that they can't impose Hollywood values in the heartland, then click here and stand with us today.

I would appreciate your giving any amount comfortable for you, to help us send a booming message to Sherrod Brown and his Hollywood friends that their radical beliefs and elite, condescending attitudes are not welcome here. They must hear us loudly!

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