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Issue Position: Rights and Privileges

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GUN CONTROL: I am a strong proponent of the right to bear arms. Living in a small community with some people who violently dislike some of the legal cases I have handled for clients over the years, I have come to realize I need to be able to protect myself. If I called 911 from my house in the middle of the night, it is unlikely that any help would arrive for more than an hour. I have a shot gun that I keep handy. At the same time I also realize that there are people who should not be allowed to have guns such as convicted felons and others who have been legally found to have violent tendencies.

THE RIGHT OF A WOMAN TO CHOOSE: I firmly believe in the quote by Bill Clinton, "Abortion should be safe and legal, but rare." I dislike abortions and if a woman came to me for advice, I would recommend any of a number of good alternatives to an abortion. But women have had a constitutional right to choose for many years, and I do not want to see any right taken away from a group of people, especially those who have not abused the right. I believe that a good education is the best way of avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

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