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Issue Position: Obamacare

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Our nation is at a critical juncture, as significant aspects of Obamacare (the universally mocked Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) are being debated before the U.S. Supreme Court. When held under the light of freedom so carefully constructed by those who penned our U.S. Constitution, I have faith that this seizure of our health care system will be abolished. Moreover whether this law is eliminated by the courts or the citizens themselves this seizure of our basic rights cannot stand.

This massive government takeover will have all the risks of any public monopoly: excessive costs for taxpayers, inefficient delivery of medical services, limited or no choice for consumers and, over time, rationed care to contain costs and tax increases to fund increasingly expensive health care. Obamacare effectively precludes private investment in health care and makes medical and allied health professionals de facto government employees. I personally fear what's next if the term, "promote the general welfare," in the constitution is grossly misconstrued to read, "provide for the general welfare."

We must keep in mind these 8 points of what is really at stake with Obamacare:

1. Absolute government control. Obamacare creates more than 100 new government bureaucracies that will possess the authority to tell physicians and health care providers what services they can and cannot provide, what they will paid and when. If you need tests or specialized services, you may have to wait weeks or months to be seen and there won't be anything you can do about it.

2. Health care rationing. In 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommended that women in their 40s and 50s forgo mammograms. Late last year the same task force made a similar recommendation discouraging men from getting tested for prostate cancer, presumably to serve the greatest good of population. It is wisely presumed that those whose care translates into higher costs will be sacrificed, including the over 75, those with costly, debilitating or potentially terminal conditions, and the weak, such as premature babies. Ultimately, we will all get the level of care approved by the government, not our health care providers.

3. Higher costs. Just last month, actuarial firm Milliman, Inc. released its study conducted for the Medicaid Health Plans of America that finds that the costs transferred to Medicaid (taxpayers) are already expected to be greater than the administration originally claimed. No surprise there. Taxpayer-funded handouts provided by health care exchanges will likely provide a sufficient incentive for employers to cease paying their employees' health benefits and push their employees into the government system. Just recently the Congressional Budget office upped the expected costs of Obamacare from $900 million to $1.76 billion.

4. Higher taxes. Tax increases are expected to increase by up to $500 billion the first ten years. The new taxes will add what constitutes a 2.8% tax on those at the lower end of the income scale and almost 10 percent on every household (family of four) making more than about $45,000 a year and will likely go up from there. This will reduce consumer spending and negatively impact job creation and economic growth. There are at least 18 new taxes on individuals, businesses, health insurance plans, and consumers to fund Obamacare. Already, as many as 1,269 new IRS agents are to be hired to enforce collection.

5. Government access to personal and financial information. Obamacare gives the federal government the authority to monitor an individual's finances and medical records electronically, to ascertain whether that individual has health insurance and is making regular premium payments to an approved health insurance plan; this will allow the government to determine each individual's financial responsibilities with respect to penalties and fees prior to or at the point of care as outlined in the bill. This clause also gives the government the ability to transfer funds electronically to or from an individual's bank account for the purposes of debiting his/her account for fees and penalties.

6. Higher deficits. Deficits overshadow Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, yet Obamacare is expected to increase federal spending by $1.76 trillion the first decade, the most expensive legislation ever approved by Congress and signed into law by a president, and costs are projected to rise. Spending forecasts indicate over the next 20 years, Obamacare would add between $2 and $3 trillion to our national debt with the capacity to bankrupt our nation.

7. No residency or citizenship requirements. Anyone who can get here will be entitled to the same level of health care as everyone else, which will spread resources thinner, add to our tax burden and guarantee that everyone is reduced to the same minimal, impersonal level of care.

8. Speeding up the destruction of Medicare. Far from saving the Medicare system as the President claims, the first action of Obamacare was to steal over half a trillion dollars from Medicare to mask the huge costs of his new programs. Going forward Medicare already faces a $24 trillion unfunded liability. Following Sacramento's lead and stealing funds will not improve the situation.

None of these factors help create a better healthcare system for Americans. As world history proves over and over again government does not have the power or finances to make a universal good. When utopian planners push their goals above the rights of the individual it always ends with universal suffering and the citizens far worse off.

Whether by the court or the legislative process we have set our goal post: Obamacare must be repealed. If the Supreme Court rules as we all hope and it is overturned we can again thank our founders for system of checks and balances that holds our individual, god given, rights above all else. Otherwise Congress must battle to repeal. I am committed to be part of that effort, much as we have fought off SB 810 here in California (The state only version of Obamacare). Regardless, we all have to exercise our power in this election and replace all of those who placed our freedoms in such peril.

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