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Blog: Job Numbers Show More Work Needed on Job Creation


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Unemployment rose to 8.2 percent in May, with only 69,000 new jobs added to the economy. Fewer jobs were added during the month of May than any other month in the last year and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics have announced revised numbers for March and April that show the economy created 49,000 fewer jobs than originally thought during those two months. Additionally, the underemployment rate has risen to 14.8 percent.

House Republicans have been dedicated to our job creation agenda, but unfortunately we only control one half of one third of the government. So each time we pass job creating legislation in the House, it must pass through the legislative juggernaut that is the US Senate -- the place where legislation goes to die. And it seems the president is more focused on his reelection than he is on passing any kind of legislation that will help create jobs.

These numbers today demonstrate once again that job creation must be our top priority in Congress. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. In the most recent Washington Post-ABC poll last week, 52 percent of responders said the single most important issue to them was jobs and the economy. It's time for the president and Senate Democrats to admit their failed policies have only extended our economic downturn and work with House Republicans on enacting legislation that will create jobs, boost the economy, and get us back on a positive economic trend.

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