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Westmoreland Acknowledged by National Taxpayer Union Foundation for His Fiscal Responsibility

Press Release

Location: Newnan, GA

Congressman Westmoreland is proud to announce the National Taxpayer Union Foundation (NTUF) has released its BillTally for the First Session of the 112th Congress and he has proposed the 5th largest savings agenda in Congress at $395 billion.

"As I always say, we don't have a revenue problem in this country," stated Westmoreland. "We have a spending problem. And we have got to get that spending problem under control before it drives us so far into debt that we cannot recover. That's why I continue to fight to cut wasteful or unnecessary spending everywhere we can."

The NTUF's BillTally is based on sponsorships and co-sponsorships of legislation in Congress. Essentially, it generates an agenda of what Members of Congress would vote for and ultimately hope to enact without relying only on legislation that comes to the House floor for a vote. The NTUF then compiles estimates of both government cost and savings for every introduced bill in Congress and determines how much money that agenda would save or cost the American taxpayer.

"We have a spending driven debt crisis on the horizon just like what we are seeing in Europe now," stated Westmoreland. "The only way to fix this issue is to make real changes to the way we spend money in Washington. I'm glad to see nonpartisan organizations like the National Taxpayer Union Foundation posting facts like these on their website. I made a promise to the people of Georgia that I would work to get Washington back on the path of fiscal responsibility and, as you can see, I am staying true to my word to them."

The NTUF is a nonpartisan organization. The line-by-line BillTally report on Congressman Westmoreland is now available on the NTUF website. All cost estimates for bills are obtained from third-party sources or are calculated from neutral data.

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