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Betty Sutton and the Jobs She Promised

Press Release

Location: Wadsworth, OH

This morning, the Labor Department reported the unemployment rate has spiked again to 8.2 percent. This deeply troubling news comes on the heels of four straight weeks of rising jobless claims and slowing GDP growth. In response to this morning's report, Jim Renacci released the following statement and called on Betty Sutton to put her own political interests aside, come clean with voters about the failures of her radically liberal voting record and renounce her support for the failed Obama economic agenda that has devastated millions of American families.

"From her refusal to hold public meetings with constituents in our district to her false and hypocritical personal attacks on me and my campaign, Betty Sutton has made it clear she will do anything to distract voters from her lockstep support for the failed Obama economic policies that are crippling our nation. I'm a former fireman, but it doesn't take a firefighter to tell you our economy is burning to the ground, and it's time for Betty Sutton to come out of hiding, stop throwing mud and join the rest of us in trying to put out the flames. This isn't about extending her long career as a politician, it's about saving American families from the reckless tax, spend and borrow economic policies that are devastating Ohio families."

Betty Sutton is a career politician who has amassed one of the most liberal voting records in the nation and has strongly supported Barack Obama's economic agenda. Based in part on her support for massive new debt, higher taxes on working families, big government bailouts and her opposition to a balanced budget, Sutton has been rated the most liberal legislator in the state of Ohio and has positioned herself to the left of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Jim Renacci is a career small business owner and job creator who has served in Congress for 15 months. During that time he has made fixing the economy his number one priority by repeatedly voting for tax and regulatory relief for families and small businesses, supporting a balanced budget and fighting to undo many of the job crushing policies implemented by Barack Obama and Betty Sutton.

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