Thank You for Your Support: Primary Election


By:  John Ewing, Jr.
Date: May 25, 2012
Location: Unknown

May 25, 2012
Dear Supporter,

Thank you. Our success during the primary would not have happened without your support and countless hours volunteering with the campaign. However, it's not over yet. It's halftime, and championship teams do not celebrate at halftime. We have to play out the last two quarters but we need your financial support to make that happen. Please consider a $250, $100 or $50 contribution.

For far too long, Washington and Lee Terry have ignored taxpayers and the middle class. My proven track record of over 30 years of service to this community, balancing budgets, curbing excess government spending and commitment to protecting Medicare and Social Security for Nebraska's seniors makes me the preferable alternative to 'business-as-usual' Lee Terry.

Over the course of the general election, I will lay out my vision and give you reasons why I will represent you best. We may not always agree on every issue, but I will listen to the people of the 2nd Congressional District. To get the message out, we need your financial support.

I would like to thank state Senator Gwen Howard for her over 42 years of service to Nebraska families. I look forward to working with her in my continued efforts to improving the plight of those who may not have a voice.


John Ewing

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