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The Daily Sun - Lewiston Grad Runs for House Seat

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Location: Unknown

By Scott Koperski

Korey Reiman has his work cut out for him.

The Congress hopeful will be challenging Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry for the District 1 Nebraska Congressional seat.

Reiman knows winning the race will pose a challenge, though he claims one asset he said Fortenberry lacks.
Strong Nebraska roots.

Reiman grew up on a farm southeast of Virginia near the Gage County line. A Lewiston graduate, Reiman said an understanding of the Nebraska culture will aid in his congressional pursuit.

"I grew up and worked on the family farm my entire life until I went to law school," Reiman said. "When the tornado hit Hallam my cousin was there. That's my family. When the drought hits, I'm not thinking about my constituents, I'm thinking about friends and family because my background with a farm mentality helps me have more empathy for rural Nebraska."
Reiman, a Lincoln defense attorney, discussed some of his political views and what he believes needs to happen in office.

"I think it's time we have an adult conversation about how to reduce our (budget) deficit and talk to each other across party lines instead of having people retreating to their ideological base and sometimes to their extremist views," Reiman said. "Nothing is going to get done if people only worry about getting re-elected and not about doing what's right."

He continued.

"Well, it's time to do what's right for the country, and that's why I'm running."
Since Reiman entered the race on the filing deadline day, a second Democratic candidate, Robert Way, has withdrawn and endorsed Reiman.

Reiman said he'd be reluctant to privatize Medicare and also a portion of Social Security, turning over some of those earnings and savings to a private market composed of some of "the same people who brought this country to its knees in 2008."

Reiman said he doesn't believe Fortenberry's views on social issues accurately reflect those of a majority of Nebraskans.

"I have a fundamental disagreement with a lot of Mr. Fortenberry's positions," Reiman said. "I think it's important that a Nebraskan represent Nebraska. He moved here a couple years before he ran for Congress. When you're from Nebraska, you're part of the entire family. Growing up in Nebraska, I certainly can relate to the values and hard work ethic that we have here.

"I'm going to shoot it straight and if some groups don' t like, it so be it. What guides me is what's best for our state."

The Lincoln Journal Star contributed to this story.

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