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With The Approach Of Cuba's Independence Day On May 20th, Ros-Lehtinen Says That Cuban Dictatorship Grows More Violent As Its Future Turns Bleaker


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) issued the following statement regarding the upcoming Cuban Day of Independence observed this Sunday, May 20th.

Ros-Lehtinen's Statement:

"Here in the U.S. our Independence Day, the 4th of July, is celebrated across the country with grand displays of fireworks as we proudly honor the birth of our great democracy. Sadly, 90 miles to the south, the Cuban people cannot celebrate freedom and liberty as they suffer under the yolk of a power hungry dictatorship headed by the aging dictators, Raul and Fidel Castro.

These bloodthirsty tyrants have established a totalitarian police state that has misruled and oppressed the Cuban nation for 53 long years.

But now, the Castro dictatorship confronts the reality of a decrepit economy suffering under the weight of half a century of archaic economic policies and the possibility that they will lose the billions of dollars in subsidized Venezuelan oil.

These circumstances have turned the regime more violent against the brave peaceful pro-democracy activists, with beatings, arrests and unlawful detentions occurring on a daily basis across the island. Not a day goes by without Cuban freedom fighters reporting the abuses against their most basic human rights.

The responsibility of free nations is to challenge the Castro regime in every international forum that seeks to legitimize it, to challenge the constant accommodations of the Obama Administration's failed policy towards the Castro brothers, and to make sure that the world knows that the Cuban people live under a tyrannical police state as severe and brutal as that which torments the North Korean people.

This 20th of May we are saddened by the plight of our Cuban brothers and sisters, and are disappointed at the attempts by Latin American nations to engage the bloodthirsty Cuban regime, but we remain hopeful that after so many years of brutality the Cuban nation will turn a corner toward a free and democratic Cuba, to a future where human rights, economic prosperity, the rule of law and democratic institutions, and not tyrants, are the ultimate arbiters of power."

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