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Recognition of Deputy Mayor Rebecca Aronson

Location: Washington, DC

RECOGNITION OF DEPUTY MAYOR REBECCA AARONSON -- (Extensions of Remarks - October 07, 2004)

Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, I would like to call the attention of my colleagues to a constituent in the 6th District of New Jersey. It is with great pleasure that I introduce my friend, the Honorable Rebecca Aaronson, Deputy Mayor of Manalapan, N.J., who is being honored by the Latino American Association of Monmouth County as they celebrate their Eleventh Annual Awards Banquet.

Rebecca Aaronson was born in Laredo, Texas to Mexican parents. Her father was born in Monterrey, Mexico and her mother was born in Mexico City, D.F. She grew up in El Paso, Texas and attended the University of Texas at El Paso for one year. Rebecca met and married Richard Aaronson in 1972. She is the proud mother of two sons, Scott, 27 years old, who recently married Julie, and Glenn, 22 years old, a senior at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

Rebecca returned to school and graduated from Brookdale Community College in 1997 with an Associates Degree in Humanities. She volunteered at the Women's Center of Monmouth County (now 180) in the shelter program for victims of domestic violence. She became involved with the community because she always felt that no one has the right to complain if they are not willing to do something about it. She was concerned with the over-development of her town, Manalapan, and felt that the builders, not the Planning Board, were making all of the decisions.

In 2002, she was elected Mayor of Manalapan Township. Presently, she is in her second term and serves as Deputy Mayor. In 2001 she was the Democratic candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder. Presently she serves as the Vice Chair of Monmouth County Democrats.

She believes that she and her colleagues have made a difference in Manalapan. Her philosophy has always been that we are all obligated to leave our mark somehow and politics has given her the opportunity to do so. She carries that philosophy to her personal life and is always seeking a way of making a difference in people's lives.

Mr. Speaker, it is my sincere hope that my colleagues will join me in honoring and recognizing Deputy Mayor Rebecca Aaronson, as the Latino American Association of Monmouth County honors her for her unfaltering dedication to the Latino community.

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