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Lankford: Free Markets Create Jobs; Federal Governments Stand in the Way


Location: Washington, DC

Representative James Lankford (R-OK) issued the following remarks after the national jobless rate climbed to 8.2% in May. The national unemployment rate increase is put in stark contrast when compared to Oklahoma's low unemployment rate of 4%.

"Young graduates, who have just put away their caps and gowns after graduation, see the national unemployment numbers and cringe at the prospect of looking for work in this economy," said Representative Lankford. "In many areas of the country, unemployment is headed in the wrong direction, and it is unacceptable.

"This week, Oklahoma City was recognized as the city with the best unemployment rate in the country, but the federal unemployment rate ticked higher again. We can teach the rest of the nation that free market principles create jobs, not governments," continued Lankford. "Oklahoma has a diverse economy that encourages private sector growth and provides incentives for business to flourish on their own. Federal red tape on the private sector stifles job growth.

"Job creation can and should come from every sector in our economy, but this administration has decided to favor some sectors of the economy like "green jobs' and punish other sectors like community banks, insurance providers, physician-owned hospitals, and energy companies. With an 8.2% national unemployment rate, we cannot afford to tell some of our nation's biggest, long-term job creators that their jobs are not as valued as others.

"Oklahomans and the private sector know a lot more about creating jobs than bureaucrats in Washington," concluded Lankford.

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