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Honoring the Late Reverend Victoriano F. Sandoval

Location: Washington, DC

HONORING THE LATE REVEREND VICTORIANO F. SANDOVAL -- (Extensions of Remarks - October 07, 2004)

Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, I would like to call the attention of my colleagues to the late Reverend Victoriano F. Sandoval. It is with great respect that I pay tribute to Padre Sandoval, who is being honored, In Memoriam, by the Latino American Association of Monmouth County, Inc., as they celebrate their Eleventh Annual Awards Banquet.

Padre Victoriano Fernandez Sandoval was born on December 24, 1933 in the town of Fuentes de los Oteros, in the Castilla Province, Spain. He studied in the Seminary of "los Padres Agustinos" in the Castilla Province. He was ordained as a priest on July 12, 1958.

He worked as a priest for 16 years in Brazil as the Director of the College and Seminary of Braganca Paulista, Sao Paulo. Shortly thereafter, he was the Director of the Educational Faculty at Catholic University and the College of San Agustin in Goiania.

In the United States he worked for 21 years at the Church of the Holy Redemption, Mount Holly, NJ and at Saint John the Baptist Church in Long Branch for 4 years. He served as the Chaplain for Hispanics at the federal prison in Fort Dix and Mid-State Correctional facility. There he ensured that all Hispanic inmates' rights were observed. He made it possible for them to celebrate Christmas with a dinner every year. His rectory door was always open for anyone in need.

Additionally, Padre Sandoval served as the Spiritual Director for marriage retreats in the northeast U.S.A. He also worked with Hispanics at marital retreats in Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Mexico.

Lamentably, Padre Sandoval died suddenly on June 20, 2002.

Mr. Speaker, it is my sincere hope that my colleagues will join me in paying tribute to Padre Victoriano Fernandez Sandoval, as the Latino American Association of Monmouth County honors him, In Memoriam, for his unfaltering dedication and commitment to the advancement of Latinos.

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