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Leader Cantor: These Jobs Numbers are Pathetic, the American People Deserve Better

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

"Good morning. You know, these job numbers are pathetic. The American people really deserve better, and I think under the right leadership we can do better. We in the House remain committed to doing all we can to removing the uncertainty that's plaguing not only the working families of this country, but the small business people of this country.

"That's why you will see us continue to focus on the fact that we're not going to, if we can, allow taxes to go up on anybody. We'll put a bill on the floor this summer to make sure that signal is sent to the working families and the small businesses of this country.

"We also believe strongly that the uncertainty provided by the President's health care bill is weighing down job creation, is weighing down the innovation and investment in this country. That's why we are going to seek to repeal in total the ObamaCare bill.

"We also will look to bring a bill to the floor this summer that will say, stop the regulations coming out of Washington because they're proving to be an obstacle to job creation. Stop everything that is providing disincentives to our job creators so we can get this economy going again."

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