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Getting Things Done

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HIMES. Mr. Speaker, like so many of us, I am back from 10 days in my district and the constant question of: Why can't Congress come together to get some things done?

I was thinking about that because the Republican majority says we passed the Violence Against Women Act. We passed an extension of the lower student interest rate bill. But when you look at those bills, you really have to scratch your head. The Violence Against Women Act that they passed was opposed by not dozens but by hundreds of women's organizations. Let me say that again: the Violence Against Women Act was opposed by women's organizations from one coast to the other.

I say all of this not to strike partisan points, but because on July 1, student loan interest rates double, putting $1,000 of additional cost on each and every student in this country. The Republicans said let's pay for that by removing preventive health care. To my mind, health care and education are what create jobs. It is time for this institution to act intelligently and help the true job creators in this country.

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