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Barrett Calls on Walker to Release Emails Related to Criminal Probe

Press Release

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Tom Barrett today called on Gov. Scott Walker to release to the general public all emails pertaining to the secret wireless internet system installed just yards from Walker's County Executive office central to an illegal fundraising scheme and other possible felonies.

"The people of Wisconsin deserve to know if their governor is involved in felonious activity or is the target of a criminal investigation," said Barrett. "Walker is obviously trying to run out the clock and avoid accountability, but voters deserve the full truth before they go to the polls. The governor can finally put the doubts to rest by simply disclosing for the public the emails that have been turned over to prosecutors."

Barrett specifically demanded Walker authorize release of all emails between October 16, 2009 -- the date the illegal email system was installed footsteps from Walker's County Executive office -- and May 14, 2010. That is the date Walker instructed Tim Russell to stop all such activities because he didn't want further negative press accounts after news broke of Darlene Wink's illegal action (email below). Within minutes of the email from Walker to Russell, according to the complaint, Kelly Rindfleisch informed Russell, "I took the wireless down. It's in my bag for now.

Wink, Rindfleisch and Russell have all been charged, and Wink has pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the prosecution. Media reports have stated thousands of emails related to the case have been turned over to prosecutors.

As noted in the criminal complaint against Kelly Rindfleisch, "the unofficial email system was routinely used by selected insiders within the Walker administration. The existence of this emails system, which was based on personal internet email accounts and was used for both official and unofficial purposes, was never disclosed to county employees outside a closely held group within the Walker administration."

"Walker said he's hired two attorneys to examine thousands of emails his gubernatorial campaign turned over to Chisholm's office".

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