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Walker on Jobs: "Stay the Course"?!

Press Release

Location: Milwaukee, WI

In a public appearance Wednesday, Gov. Scott Walker doubled down on his failed economic policies, urging Wisconsin to "stay the course" on his bankrupt agenda that contributed to Wisconsin losing 24,000 jobs over the past 12 months.

See the clip of Gov. Walker urging Wisconsin to "stay the course" on his failed record on jobs here:

"Walker is telling Wisconsin to stay the course, but Walker's course leads to more division, more right-wing partisanship, and more job loss," said Barrett. "Wisconsin needs a new course, one that actually puts jobs ahead of ideology, and a leadership style that brings people together and heals our political wounds instead of pitting people against each other. Unlike Scott Walker, this is the governor I will be for all the people of Wisconsin."

Instead of working on his baseless campaign pledge to create 250,000 jobs in his first term, Walker instead chose an ideological civil war that plunged Wisconsin into bitterly divisive political turmoil that took his eye off the ball on the economy. Under Walker's watch, Wisconsin lost more jobs than any state in America in 2011, and Wisconsin was the only state in the country to suffer "statistically significant" job loss between March 2011 and March 2012.

In stark contrast, Tom unveiled in 2010 a comprehensive, 67-page blueprint to create jobs and move Wisconsin's economy forward in the aftermath of the Great Recession caused by George W. Bush. As governor, Tom will apply the key principles of that jobs plan to overcome the Great Divide caused by Walker's ideological civil war. Tom's jobs vision includes strengthening manufacturing, partnering with small business, establishing a venture capital fund to spark new growth, bolstering Wisconsin's agricultural and rural economy, tying tax incentives directly to job creation, and investing in the clean energy sector.

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