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Let's Do the Right Thing at the Polls... Show Your ID!


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If we don't vote early, we don't win. That's why this year in my campaign for Governor, I'm turning to the Internet to urge North Carolinians to vote early and with an ID.

This past week, I also released a YouTube video encouraging North Carolinians to stand with me and show their support of a voter identification law by showing their ID at the polls.

Such a law is just common sense. If we need to show an ID to buy medicine at a pharmacy, board an airplane and drive a car, we should have to do the same at the polls to prove who we are before we vote for our leaders.

Of course, Governor Perdue and those vying to replace her as the head of the Democratic Party in North Carolina don't support such a law that would protect the integrity of our voting system. But the vast majority of North Carolinians do.

This week, a new national poll proves that this is a bi-partisan issue: Fifty-two percent of Democrats, seventy-two percent of independents and eighty-seven percent of Republicans view voter ID laws as a necessary measure to stop illegal voting. The numbers in North Carolina are even higher.

Even the liberal-leaning 9th Circuit Court of Appeals this week upheld Arizona's 2004 voter identification law that requires voters show identification before they can enter the polling booth and cast a ballot for their elected leaders.

This issue is not about politics, but rather common sense. It's time to bring real transparency and accountability to our government and we can start by protecting the integrity of our democratic system.

This week, I will vote early in the primary election. And even though I'm not required to, I will proudly show my ID to the poll worker in support of a North Carolina voter ID law.

Join me in standing up for our democracy and show your ID when you go to vote early or of course on Election Day May 8th.

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