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Jeb Bush Endorses Pat McCrory for North Carolina Governor

Press Release

Location: Unknown

On Monday, April 30, Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush endorsed Pat McCrory's bid for North Carolina Governor at the historic Angus Barn restaurant in Raleigh.


Pat McCrory: I just want to let you know as I've not only got a chance to travel across this state, but I've also had the opportunity to meet a lot of Governors throughout the United States of America. There's no doubt in my mind in observing Governor Christie, Governor Mitch Daniels and Governor Jindal and other Governors throughout the United States, it's Governors who -- I think -- who are initiating policy which will help get our nation out of this very, very deep recession.

And North Carolina, of course, is feeling this recession with the fourth highest unemployment rate in the nation.

But, another Governor that has actually been a mentor to many of those existing Governors and a mentor of mine is Governor Jeb Bush of Florida. And I have been watching not only his leadership as a Governor but also his leadership since being Governor.

And he clearly understands many areas -- especially two. And that is how to create jobs and also how to reform education.

And I am using his advice during this past year and I actually used it as Mayor of Charlotte also in getting his input on ideas on both economic development and education. And Jeb Bush has become very much of an expert in the area of reforming education and not accepting the incredible high dropout rates that we see in states throughout the United States of America.

Both Governor Bush and I clearly understand that we must reform and change education so we can get our kids to learn the basics and then get good quality higher education or vocational education in addition to getting a job. And right now so many of our kids who are graduating aren't getting jobs and we have over 20% of our children who are clearly not even graduating from our high schools in North Carolina. And this is clearly unacceptable.

And that's one of the reasons I have a great partnership and I appreciate Governor Bush's endorsement of our candidacy because we both firmly believe in reforming education. And I'm going to take many ideas that he has initiated in Florida, both as a current Governor and a former Governor and bring them to North Carolina so we can improve the outcomes of our education and our major investments in education.

So with that, I welcome Governor Bush to say a few words and then we'll answer a few questions. Thank you very much.

Governor Jeb Bush: Thank you, Mayor. It is a joy to be here, to endorse your candidacy, and to provide whatever support I can for that cause. Governor's lead. It's amazing to see what goes on in Washington these days, with the gridlock, where people kind of feel, correctly, that nothing can get done, but I can guarantee you that with your leadership here in North Carolina, you'll hit the ground running, and develop, build on a good business climate, and make it a great one. And build on an education an education system that should have no tolerance for failure, and sadly in our country we have way to much of it, and thank goodness there are reform minded governors across the country that are prepared to take on the status quo to improve things, and I know you're one of those and I look forward to doing whatever I can to help you get elected, and as Governor, you count on me to provide whatever support that you need. God bless you and good luck.

Pat McCrory: Thank you very much.

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