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WWAY TV - VOTE 2012: McCrory Keeps Campaigning Despite Easy Win Predicted

News Article

Location: Wilmington, NC

By Asha Dave

Pat McCrory is not taking anything for granted. Despite being the presumptive Republican nominee for governor, he is staying busy in the final hours before voters head to the polls.

The former Charlotte mayor is campaigning all over southeastern North Carolina. He stopped by the Port City this afternoon.

McCrory said he's practically going to be living in New Hanover County if he wins tomorrow. He said our county is crucial to his campaign.

"This is the area that's going to have us win in November, because we've got to fix the broken economy, especially in this county and this region," McCrory said. "The unemployment rate is totally unacceptable, not only in this state but in this region, and we are going to do everything we can to fix this broken economy."

McCrory is confident he will become our governor. He believes folks are tired of the same people who are not doing anything to help our state.

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