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Fact Check: The Latest DGA Attack Ad Is False and Misleading

Press Release

Location: Unknown

The latest attack ad running against me is false. It's being funded by a front group for the Democratic Governor's Association and is purposely misleading North Carolinians.

Get the facts here:

CLAIM: The ad calls Pat's ethics "questionable."
"Pat McCrory's questionable ethics. Case number one"

FACT: Ad includes no proof to quote "Questionable Ethics," misleading North Carolinians to believe McCrory has been accused of questionable ethics.

CLAIM: Ad suggests that Pat McCrory was a paid lobbyist for
" A company that paid Pat McCrory over $140,000 to sit on its board while he was mayor of Charlotte."

FACT: Pat was not a paid lobbyist for, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries.
McCrory served in 2009 as a "Non-Employee Director Compensation" and on "Board Of Directors."(SEC, 2009 Proxy Statement, Schedule 14A, 3/19/10)

CLAIM: Ad cites two settlements and suggests Pat was "deceiving customers"
"Its mortgage company's charged with deceiving customers. Paid millions to settle."

FACT: These Lawsuits were filed in South Carolina before McCrory joined the board.
Lawsuits Filed In Early September 2008. "Tenth Judicial Circuit Solicitor Chrissy Adams has joined eight other state solicitors in suing Lending Tree, a mortgage firm based in Charlotte. Adams' lawsuit is on behalf of Lending Tree borrowers in Oconee and Anderson counties. Adams, who filed the lawsuit on Sept. 4, declined to comment, referring inquiries to Spartanburg attorney Doug Smith."(Pearce Adams, "Chrissy Adams Sues Mortgage Firm Lending Tree," Anderson Independent-Mail [South Carolina], 9/18/08)

CLAIM: The ad suggests that Pat McCrory used his position as Mayor to lobby for the company, citing a 2006 letter sent to Department of Commerce.
"And Pat McCrory? He used his position as mayor to lobby state government for millions in tax breaks for the company."

FACT: Pat McCrory did not lobby and was not a lobbyist in 2006.
"Lobbyist. -- An individual who engages in lobbying for payment"(North Carolina Lobbying Laws, Chapter 120C, Lobbying, North Carolina General Assembly Website)

FACT: McCrory was not on the Board at the time, and did not join until 2009.
", Inc. (Nasdaq: TREE) today announces the appointment of Patrick L. McCrory to the company's Board of Directors."(, "Patrick L. McCrory Joins Board Of Directors Of, Inc.," Press Release, 1/26/09)

FACT: In 2006, Mayor McCrory wrote to alert the Department of Commerce that South Carolina was recruiting LendingTree and that keeping lending tree in North Carolina was important to jobs and the economy.

FACT: Keeping Lending Tree And Another Company Represented "A Combined $240 Million And 3,500 Jobs, In North Carolina."
"We are competing against an estimated $53 million in state and local incentives from South Carolina…. I believe we can keep these projects, representing a combined $240 million and 3,500 jobs, in North Carolina." (UNC Charlotte Special Collections, Mayor Pat McCrory Papers, Letter to Commerce Secretary James Fain, 1/4/06)

CLAIM: Ad suggests that Pat McCrory is not the right guy to clean up Raleigh.
"Is Pat McCrory the guy to clean up Raleigh? You've got to be kidding."

FACT: Newspapers lauded McCrory for Governor in 2008:
"We believe McCrory's experience, approach to government, outsider perspective and willingness to take a stand make him a better choice than Democrat Bev Perdue."(Editorial, "We Recommend McCrory For Governor," Charlotte Observer, 10/5/08)
"McCrory…comes across as intelligent, ambitious, well-spoken. He is well-regarded in the city he leads, having won seven mayoral elections. That's a testament to his political skills and appeal… we encourage voters to give Pat McCrory a chance. Bev Perdue is a good candidate, but McCrory suits the moment. He's loaded with energy and fresh ideas. On several levels, he could be just what this state needs." (Editorial, "McCrory's Time," Raleigh News & Observer, 10/26/08)

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