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Blog: Supreme Showdown


Location: Unknown

Yesterday, while attending a press conference with the Prime Minister of Canada and President of Mexico, President Obama basically gave the Supreme Court an Ultimatum -- "Overturn my healthcare bill at your peril!'

Last week the Court met over three days to decide the fate of the bill and clearly the Conservative Justices' showed some unease through their questions -- although this is no indication of their intent. Last Friday they met to cast their votes and prepare their opinion and dissents to be delivered in late June.

Standing beside his Northern & Southern colleagues, Obama slammed the highest court in the land and it's make-up as an "unelected group of people' who will have turned to "Judicial activism' should Obamacare be allowed to live.

Can you believe this guy?! What does it say about a Country when it's leader is
willing to rip-up the Constitution and dismiss the very people put there to ensure its followed correctly -- including those he put on there -- just because you disagree with their opinion?

This is typical of Washington politics. Every time the Government gets a decision they like its democracy at work and every time the Court rules against we hear the words "Judicial Activism.'

Sorry Mr President, but Judicial Activism is in the eye of the beholder.

Your healthcare bill is an Unconstitutional affront to the Founding Fathers and the American people.

The sooner both you and it are given the boot the better!

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