Meadows Endorsed by NC Rep. Mitch Gillespie

Press Release

By:  Mark Meadows Mitch Gillespie
Date: May 31, 2012
Location: Hendersonville, NC

US NC 11 GOP frontrunner Mark Meadows picked up another prestigious endorsement today: Mitch Gillespie, a Republican member of the North Carolina General Assembly representing the state's eighty-fifth House district, including Burke, Caldwell and McDowell counties announced today that he will support Meadows. Gillespie is a small business owner from Marion. He is currently serving in his seventh term in the state House.

"It's not often a candidate comes along like Mark Meadows. I know where he stands on moral and fiscal issues and I know what is in his heart," stated Gillespie. "His views best represent the values I have and his jobs plan and role of Government should be a model for all of Congress."

Gillespie urged his constituents to vote for Meadows in the upcoming May 8 primary.

"I have no doubt that if our nation's leaders had the same character as Mark Meadows we would not be facing the problems we are facing today," he said. "Mark Meadows is the kind of candidate that will make us proud and best represent Western North Carolina. I hope you will join me in supporting Mark Meadows for Congress."

Meadows said he is grateful for Gillespie's endorsement.

"Mitch is well respected, both in the North Carolina Legislature and by his constituents," said Meadows. "Mitch has been a true leader on conservative issues in North Carolina and I am proud to have his endorsement."

Meadows is a fiscal and social conservative who has served on numerous boards and was recently appointed to the State Board for Economic Development in Western North Carolina, because of his expertise in business and creating jobs. He is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, a Christian Conservative and a champion of "Life, Liberty, and Lower Taxes."

In recent weeks, Meadows has won back-to-back straw polls in Burke, Henderson, Caldwell, Buncombe, Transylvania and Swain Counties. He has also picked up major endorsements from 2010 GOP nominee Jeff Miller, the Family Research Council's Action PAC and Dr. Michael Farris, the founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association. Meadows is also supported by numerous County Sheriffs and other elected officials throughout North Carolina.

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