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McHenry Endorses Meadows for Congress

Press Release

Location: Hendersonville, NC

1th District GOP Congressional Primary winner Mark Meadows picked up a significant endorsement today from 10th District U.S. Representative Patrick McHenry. Rep. McHenry encouraged conservative voters to support Meadows as the Christian conservative businessman most qualified and committed to repeal President Obama's assault on Western North Carolinians' values. Meadows is facing Vance Patterson in the Republican Primary runoff on July 17.

"Mark Meadows is the only true conservative Western North Carolinians can count on to fight President Obama's assault on our values," said Rep. McHenry. "Mark is a conservative businessman willing to challenge the status quo in Washington and fix this broken economy. I strongly urge those who want less government and more conservative solutions to send Mark Meadows to Congress."

Meadows said he appreciates Rep. McHenry's support.

"Patrick and I share the same conservative vision for life, liberty, and less government," stated Meadows. "He's fought for these values, and I'm running to join the fight against liberals in Washington like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Western North Carolinians have been hurt too badly by their assault on our values. They deserve better than more and more spending on big-government programs, funded by increasing taxes. They deserve a federal government that gets out of their way, so they can create jobs and provide for their families. I am committed to fight for them."

Rep. McHenry is currently serving his fourth term representing Western North Carolina. He serves as Deputy Republican Whip, and is a member of the House Financial Services Committee and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Meadows won the hotly contested GOP Primary on May 8th with almost 38% of the vote. Second-place finisher Vance Paterson received 23% of the vote and requested the July 17th runoff.

Meadows is a fiscal and social conservative who has served on numerous boards and was recently appointed to the State Board for Economic Development in Western North Carolina, because of his expertise in business and job creation. He is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, a Christian conservative, and a champion of "Life, Liberty, and Less Government."

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