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The Fight for Jobs


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The Labor Department is reporting what you and I already know -- the economy is not getting better and many workers are continuing to lose hope.

That's why I voted to give small businesses a 20% tax cut to help them get the government off their backs and start hiring again. And why we've passed more than 25 bills through the House with the goal of growing the economy and creating a better environment for our job creators.

And it's why I continue to fight everyday against President Obama for your jobs and businesses.

We won't see an economic recovery and get our friends and neighbors back to work until we defeat Barack Obama's liberal agenda, reign in spending, create a simple and fair tax rate, and slash burdensome red tape. We cannot expect America's small businesses to start hiring again until we create a friendly and stable environment in which they can prosper.

I'm fighting Barack Obama everyday.

Tomorrow is Election Day and I'm counting on your support. Will you vote for me and send me back to Washington so I can continue to fight everyday for small businesses and families throughout North Carolina and around the country?

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