Owens Announces Funding for Malone-Dufort Airport


By:  Bill Owens
Date: May 30, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Bill Owens announced funding today for Malone-Dufort Airport in the Town of Malone. The grant, totaling $118,080 will be used to rehabilitate the airport's runway. The project is needed to maintain the structural integrity of the pavement and to minimize foreign object debris.

"This project will continue to support aviation needs in the North Country through air infrastructure improvements," Owens said. "Local airports are tremendous drivers of the economy, and by giving these facilities the resources they need to enhance their operations, we can help to bring more business to the area. The more we support local travel, the more we bolster local economic development."

The grant is made possible through authorized funds by the U.S. Department of Transportation through the Federal Aviation Administration.

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