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Keith Rothfus Statement on Altmire Endorsement


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Keith Rothfus, Republican Candidate for the PA-12th, released the following statement on Jason Altmire's endorsement of Mark Critz:

"It is no surprise that Congressman Jason Altmire has endorsed fellow Democrat Mark Critz in PA's 12th Congressional District. They both, after all, voted to keep the Medicare-destroying and budget-busting Obamacare bill in place. And they both share President Obama's indifference to the five trillion dollars in debt the President has rung up over the last three and a half years and the additional $6.4 trillion the President would add to the nation's debt over the next ten years.

Congressman Altmire and Critz both believe the answers to our problems must come from Washington and not the people of Pennsylvania. They believe a few people in Washington, DC must have the power to tell us everything from what kind of light bulb to use in our home to what is and is not allowed to be in our health plans. This liberal vision, shared with President Obama, is one of a government-centered society. With 38 months of higher than 8% unemployment, that vision has failed the hardworking people of Southwestern PA. I look forward to a robust debate with Congressman Critz regarding the steps we need to take to re-light the American economy, the American spirit, and the American Dream."

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