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Perry Co-Sponsoring Property Tax Independence Act Legislation


Location: Harrisburg, PA

House Bill 1776, named the Property Tax Independence Act, has been introduced and was the subject of a Capitol Rotunda rally today, said co-sponsor Rep. Scott Perry (R-York/Cumberland).

"This bill finally gets to the heart of the matter on an issue that brings great pain to our hard-working homeowners and taxpayers, the aggravating school property tax," said Perry. "Our residents are tired of lip service on this issue and tired of paying homage to government in the form of these confiscatory taxes. It is time that our residents felt secure in their own homes, and this legislation will help bring that about."

The bill would, if enacted, eliminate the school property tax by replacing the funding formula through an expanded sales tax and other options on a dollar-for-dollar basis. This would enable local school districts to receive the same level of funding as they do currently.

"We are determined to get this bill considered during this current legislative session," said Perry. "Being able to own and live in your own home is a fundamental American right and should be free of the requirement to pay rent to the government. There is a bipartisan effort under way to get this done, bringing true freedom to our taxpayers."

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