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Coats Outraged Over Obama Administration's Intel Leaks to Hollywood Filmmakers


Location: Washington, DC

Senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, today issued the following statement regarding recent reports that the Obama administration leaked classified information to Hollywood filmmakers:

"I am outraged to learn that the White House and Department of Defense are collaboratively leaking details of arguably the most secretive mission in U.S. history -- the raid on bin Laden's compound -- to Hollywood filmmakers for a big-budget movie to be released around November's election. This is deplorable, particularly since these leaks coincide with the imprisonment and possible torture of a Pakistani doctor who was a key informant for that operation. It also confirms that the administration is more candid and forthright with movie producers than the Senate Intelligence Committee.

"This comes after the White House displayed astonishingly poor judgment in leaking classified details of an active intelligence operation to television commentators about the foiled al-Qaeda plot to blow up a U.S. bound aircraft. Reckless decisions like this compromise national security, undermine the hard work of our intelligence community and potentially risk lives. Congress will not tolerate it, nor should the American people."

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