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Dear Fellow Nebraskans:

As we continue to make state government more efficient and available to our citizens, I want to highlight several successful projects launched in the past year and provide updates on other online services. Our goal is to provide access to government services outside of regular business hours, while providing increased efficiency at a lower cost.

During the first three months of 2012, there were more license plate renewals performed online than in all of 2009. More than 35,000 individuals have performed a transaction on the Department of Motor Vehicles website so far this year.

Nebraska is the only state that allows filing in all county and district courts through a single process. In its first full year of availability, Court eFiling saved over 12,000 hours of staff time. Additionally, over 60 percent of new civil cases in the County Courts were initiated electronically.

Over 90 percent of our individual income tax returns this year were e-filed. In addition to being quicker and more efficient, filing tax returns online reduces the risk of errors, provides confirmation that a return has been received, and allows tax refunds to be received much sooner.

The Nebraska Game and Parks site continues to see increased usage. The busiest day last year was November 11th with 5.9 million hits selling over 12,000 permits. Last year more than 1,250,000 original and replacement permits and stamps were sold on the permit system.

Most Nebraskans are familiar with the statewide 511 system for road conditions. This system continues to have high usage both on our website and by dialing 511 from your telephone. In the first four months of 2012, the 511 system received over 98,900 calls and the website logged over 376,900 visits. In 2011, we launched the new Mobile Traveler Site that features selected views from highway cams around the State, links to current weather, radar and forecasts, and many other features. Over 44,000 visitors have logged on to this mobile site in 2012.

Nebraska's new online liquor license renewal service unites state and local government. Liquor license renewals require interactions at both a state and a city or county office. License holders can now have a seamless renewal process, at both the state and local level in one transaction.

On an average day in Nebraska, it is common to process 60 birth certificates, 200 corporate documents, 350 driver records, and 600 motor vehicle records electronically. Some state agencies offer many services electronically. For example, the Department of Agriculture, the State Fire Marshal and the State Electrical Division offer approximately a dozen services online.

These are just a few examples of how state government is becoming more efficient and customer friendly. If you have ideas for additional online services, please visit and click on the idea box at the bottom of the screen. Some of our best ideas have come from our citizens.

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