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Congresswoman Barbara Lee Urges Colleagues to Catch up with the Will of the American People and End the War in Afghanistan


Location: Washington, DC

Today 91 Members of the House of Representatives, led by Barbara Lee (D-CA), sent a letter to President Obama urging an expedited withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan. Ninety Members of the House of Representatives signed the letter, including four Republicans. The Congresswoman was joined by a dozen colleagues at a morning press conference.

"Today, I am announcing that 90 Members of Congress are joining me in requesting that President Obama expedite our troops' return and speed up the transition to having Afghans in charge of Afghanistan," said Congresswoman Lee. "The American people have overwhelmingly come to the conclusion that our brave men and women in uniform have accomplished all that we have asked of them and it is time to bring them home from Afghanistan."

Today, the House of Representatives is scheduled to begin debate on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which provides war funding, at the same time President Obama prepares for the NATO summit in Chicago. The bi-partisan group of Members outlined the need to discuss the need to make a change in policy in Afghanistan.

"I believe that it is time for Members of Congress to stand with seven out of ten Americans who oppose the war in Afghanistan," said Congresswoman Lee. "There is no military solution in Afghanistan, which is why I am pushing Republican leadership to allow me to offer an amendment to the NDAA that would bring about a responsible and immediate end to the war in Afghanistan. The amendment would end combat operations while protecting our troops by ensuring that any dollar directed to Afghanistan can only be spent for the safe and orderly withdrawal of U.S. troops and military contractors."

The Congresswoman was joined by Representatives Walter Jones (R-NC), Ron Paul (R-TX), Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Laura Richardson (D-CA), Janice Hahn (D-CA), Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), Peter Welch (D-NY), and James McGovern (D-MA). Congresswoman Lee thanked her colleagues for joining her at the press conference, noting that "the silence on Capitol Hill on this issue has been deafening."

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