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Governor Brownback: All Legislative Maps Unconstitutional


Location: Kansas City, KS

In his Amicus Brief filed today in Essex v. Kobach currently before the U.S. District Court, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback called on the court to comply with the "one person, one vote" in its court-drawn maps to ensure absolute voter equality.

Gov. Brownback released the following statement regarding today's filing:

"When redistricting plans are approved through the political process, the U.S. Constitution permits wider latitude to deviate from the ideal population for the districts in question. However, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that court-drawn maps must be held to a higher standard than ones drawn by state legislatures.

"There are many maps in front of the court, but none come close to the stringent standard of equality required by the Constitution for court-ordered plans. It is my hope the court will follow precedent set in Chapman V. Meier and other federal court rulings and adopt a plan that succeeds in meeting the near zero total deviation rule."

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