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Barbara Lee Releases Statement on NATO Summit and Afghanistan


Location: Oakland, CA

Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) issued the following statement in response to NATO's announcement to end combat operations in Afghanistan in 2013:

"While NATO leaders and President Obama took an important step toward ending the war, we need to bring our troops home now -- not years from now.

"As it is widely acknowledged, there is no military solution in Afghanistan. After ten long years of war, almost two thousand U.S. troops have been killed in Afghanistan and more than $530 billion spent in direct costs, which is why two-thirds of Americans say the war is not worth fighting. It is past time for our policy to catch up with the American people. Enough is enough. I will remain steadfast in my efforts for an accelerated withdrawal and am heartened that a majority of Democrats in the House and 12 Republicans joined me last week in an effort to end the war now and safely and responsibly bring our troops home."

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