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Governor Pat Quinn Statement on House of Representatives Passage of Cigarette Tax Legislation to Rescue Medicaid


Location: Springfield, IL

Governor Pat Quinn today released a statement regarding the Illinois House of Representatives passing Senate Bill 2194, a key part of his proposal for Medicaid restructuring.

"I applaud Speaker Madigan and Leader Currie and members of the House of Representative for passing legislation to increase the price of cigarettes to help eliminate Medicaid's $2.7 billion deficit, improve the health of people across Illinois, and bring back federal dollar-for-dollar matching funds.

"We need to take decisive action to protect Illinois' Medicaid system from collapse. The cigarette tax is not just good fiscal policy, but good health policy. Adding a dollar per pack will help 60,000 people quit smoking, prevent 60,000 deaths from smoking-related conditions and keep 80,000 kids from taking up smoking in the first place.

"Today's action will improve the health of our people and lower the burden of smoking-related conditions on our Medicaid system, while helping to fill the $2.7 billion Medicaid shortfall and stabilize the system for those that need it.

"We hope Senators will follow their colleagues in the House, and quickly pass this legislation, which is critical to rescuing Medicaid."

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