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Congressman McNerney Blasts New Plan To Steal Delta Water


Location: Stockton, CA

Today, Congressman Jerry McNerney (D-Stockton) condemned the latest developments related to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). Congressman McNerney's office received a briefing on the outcome of meetings held last week between federal and state government officials. The new plans still call for the construction of a massive conveyance system that would ship water to Southern California.

"This information confirms what we have known all along; the Governor and Secretary of the Interior intend to build a canal that would steal water from millions of people in our area and give it to wealthy special interests from Southern California. Their plan will destroy one of the most important water resources in the country and harm the livelihoods of the four million people who call the Delta region home.

"Now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt what the BDCP actually stands for. It's little more than a Build the Darn Canal Plan. The people who reside in the Delta region have been shut out of this process from the beginning. Any plan that includes a peripheral canal is unacceptable. It would devastate our local economy and cost countless jobs.

"From the beginning, I have said that any plan related to the Delta must include the input of the farmers, families and small business owners whose livelihoods stand to be devastated by a peripheral canal. The latest developments don't address the concerns of the Delta communities in any meaningful way.

"Agriculture is the economic backbone of the Delta. The special interests from south of the Delta are trying to steal our water, which would lay waste to our farmland and our economy. The latest development is a blatant attack on the Delta communities.

"The federal and state governments must come to the table and include meaningful input from the Delta region. This process has been crafted behind closed doors, and I call on Governor Brown and Secretary Salazar to finally make this plan fair and equitable for the Delta communities."

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