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McConnell Blasts $20-Million Taxpayer-Funded Campaign to Promote Obamacare


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Senator McConnell spoke on the floor of the Senate this week about a newly inked $20-million deal by the Obama administration's Department of Health and Human Services and a large public relations firm to promote Obamacare.

He said: "Yesterday morning, I came to the floor to call attention to a quiet and costly PR campaign that President Obama is mounting on the taxpayers' dime. While the President and his surrogates spend most of their time deflecting attention from his record, he's got Washington bureaucrats working overtime to put a good face on it. I mentioned yesterday that the administration is spending yet another $20 million in taxpayer money to promote a health care bill that most Americans want to see repealed."

He continued: "But there's a larger issue here than the fact that the President is quietly marketing policies with taxpayer dollars that he's clearly afraid to talk about in public. That's bad enough.

"The larger point is the fact that we've got a nearly $16 trillion debt, the largest tax hike in history right around the corner, chronic unemployment, and sky high gas prices, and this President thinks it's a good idea to spend $20 million to promote Obamacare.

"We don't have the money to begin with, and he's spending it to market his policies? The President needs to face facts. Americans don't want him spending their hard-earned money trying to spin policies they don't like.

"How about setting some priorities first? How about working with us to lower the deficit and the debt? How about working with us to fund things that we actually need? We're more than ready to work with the President, as I've said time and again over the past few years. But he needs to set some priorities. He needs to lead."

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