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Issue Position: End the Wasteful Obama Green Energy Gravy Train

Issue Position

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End the Wasteful Obama Green Energy Gravy Train

- End taxpayer bailouts to companies like Solyndra, which declared bankruptcy after providing numerous warning signals to the White House before receiving $535 million in grants.
- Stop President Obama's "energy cronyism" of giving federal grants to donors.
- Stop lobbyist and President Obama donors from feasting on taxpayer dollars for pet "Green" energy products, which don't make good commercial sense and never make it to consumers.

Dewhurst Plan: Develop America's Massive Domestic Energy Resources

- Fully develop and utilize America's abundant energy resources.
- Stop interfering with hydro-fracking of oil and gas wells, which is completely safe, and streamline oil and natural gas drilling regulations to allow more drilling.
- Aggressively re-open Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas exploration with sensible safeguards in place.
- Stop playing "political football" with energy projects like the Keystone pipeline.
- To encourage more drilling for natural gas, open new markets for liquefied natural gas and encourage the building of ports and other facilities that can handle LNG exports.

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