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Issue Position: Stop National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Over-reach

Issue Position

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Stop National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Over-reach

- Prevent the NLRB from telling companies like Boeing which states to place manufacturing plants in.
- Stop the NLRB from interfering with private sector business decisions -- end the NRLB's trampling on the Constitution.
- More government overregulation, which is preventing jobs from being created.

Dewhurst Plan: Less NLRB Meddling, More Job Creation

- Insist on new leadership at the NLRB.
- Conduct tough hearings on NLRB decision making under President Obama, and investigate interference with private business decision-making.
- End federally mandated prevailing wage regulations, which will serve to bring down the cost of building infrastructure -- roads, dams, ports, bridges, etc.
- Accelerate the approval process for FAA upgrades.

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