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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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Well put. Let`s turn to Massachusetts State Senator Katherine Clark.
Kathryn, great to have you on THE ED SHOW tonight. Thanks for joining us.

me, Ed. It`s great to be here.

SCHULTZ: Why doesn`t Elizabeth Warren just come out, hold a press
conference, focus right in on this issue and be done with it?

CLARK: I think it`s just what you were saying, Ed, because the issues
that I hear about from my constituents, the issues in Massachusetts have
nothing to do with Elizabeth Warren`s heritage. Elizabeth Warren achieved
her success as a professor and a scholar, and as someone who fights and
really wants to be a voice for middle class families.

SCHULTZ: But this issue seems to be dogging her. I mean, this issue
won`t go away. I understand the papers there in Massachusetts are all over
it. Why doesn`t she just come out, call a press conference and explain her
whole family heritage? And if she made a mistake, just admit it and life
goes on.

CLARK: She achieved her success the old fashioned way. She earned
it. And both Harvard, Penn have all agreed that some fictitious minority
status made up by the Brown campaign had nothing to do with her success as
a professor at those institutions.

And this has created a media flurry. But it is not resonating with
the voters in Massachusetts. Just this past weekend, we graduated
thousands of students from our higher ed institutions. And you know what
those families care about, and those students? Scott Brown`s vote on
financial aid. He doubled what our students are going to have to pay in

SCHULTZ: I don`t disagree with that. But the fact is that she is I
guess trailing a little bit in the polls. It`s very close, within the
margin. But this is the issue that they continue to push. And this is the
issue that the Brown campaign puts out on TV.

The point I`m making is that, you know, Senator Richard Blumenthal of
Connecticut made misstatements about his service in Vietnam. He came out,
had a press conference with the veterans. He cleared the air. He won the

CLARK: That`s a very different situation than what happened with
Blumenthal. Elizabeth Warren has been very clear. This is what she was
taught from the time she was a small girl, that she has Native American
relatives. And it`s been demonstrated by some of the research that`s been
done, that, in fact, there are records that support that claim.

But it`s a waste of our time as taxpayers, as voters in Massachusetts
to be focused on the generations past in Elizabeth Warren`s family. The
issues that matter to us here in Massachusetts are primarily economic.
Those are the issues this discussion needs to come around to.

I think that it`s very hard when you have the Brown campaign trying to
make a big deal politically out of a recipe book, to hold a press
conference and to really give any sort of credibility to that argument
really takes us away from the issues that matter.

SCHULTZ: Wait a minute. Did she ever put down on an application that
she was Native American? I mean, it`s fair question. If she did, so what.
It was years ago or whatever. But what they are trying to do is they`re
trying to paint her out to be someone who is not credible, not telling the
truth, hiding something, maybe took an advantage when she didn`t deserve

I just think that needs to be addressed. I think she can get beyond
this. When you pick up the largest newspapers in the country and they are
writing about this, it would seem to me that it is disfocusing the campaign

CLARK: I think that that issue has been addressed. Both Harvard and
Penn have come out and said minority status had nothing to do with this.
And this is really -- to keep coming back to this issue is a distraction
that just isn`t appealing to the voters and to the families here.
We`re concerned about jobs. We`re concerned about the breaks for big
oil that Scott Brown voted for. The most profitable companies on the
planet --

SCHULTZ: He`s definitely been a country clubber for Wall Streeters.
There`s two clear different directions between Scott Brown and where
Elizabeth Warren would take the citizens of Massachusetts.

Great to have you with us tonight, Massachusetts State Senator
Katherine Clark. I appreciate your time here on THE ED SHOW.


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