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WTOK News - Water System Gets Millions for Improvements

News Article

Location: Lisman, AL

By Nick Adam

A check for more than $3.5 million was presented to the North Choctaw Water Authority Tuesday.

7th District Representative Terri Sewell (D-Alabama) and USDA officials made that presentation months after the water system went down for weeks in North Choctaw County earlier this year.

Sewell and local government leaders say that crisis spurred them into action, and now within a few months, officials hope to have a revamped water system in place.

"It's over $2 million worth of loans, but also over $1 million worth of grants," explains Sewell, "and so it was an opportunity for us to make the tax payer dollars work for the tax payers who are the most in need."

Clear Water Solutions will be doing work on the water system over the next few months, and a new building is also in the works for the Water Authority headquarters in Lisman.

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