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Public Statements - Rep. Collin Peterson Outlines Likely Cuts to Farm Bill

News Article

Location: Crookston, MN

By David Schwab

Congressman Collin Peterson says everybody is going to have to make sacrifices in order to get the new Farm Bill passed.

He met with farmers and ag industry leaders Monday in Crookston to talk about the cuts to the bill.

Peterson predicts about $30 billion will be cut from the bill over the next ten years. About 80 percent of all spending from the Farm Bill goes toward domestic food assistance for things like food stamps and school lunch programs.

Peterson says there will be cuts there. He says other cuts will come in the way farmers are compensated and that will mean doing away with direct payments.

"We have decided to get rid of the direct payments and shift to a system that only pays you when you have a problem, when the prices go down or you have a bad crop," Peterson said.

Peterson says the sugar program, which is also included in the Farm Bill, should survive with little changes.

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