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O'Donnell Will Work to Repeal Affordable Care Act

Press Release

Location: Unknown

March 23rd marks the two-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare". Prior to its passage, the Congressional Budget Office claimed the bill's cost would be under $900 Billion over 10 years. However, just last week the Congressional Budget Office revised its estimate to $1.76 Trillion, nearly twice the originally estimated cost.

Tony O'Donnell wants to repeal this act in total. Not only because the cost of the bill adds to the country's debt, but because it erodes away the freedoms guaranteed in the US Constitution. "We have seen how giving an administration carte blanche to determine how to implement a law destroys freedom. The Health and Human Services Secretary has written rule after rule telling individuals and religious institutions what they must do even if it conflicts with their religion's tenents," said O'Donnell.

O'Donnell continued, "If I am elected to represent Maryland's 5th Congressional District, I will fight to repeal "Obamacare". Then I will work for tort reform and insurance portability across state lines. I will also work to ensure insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions; this is the one thing the Act did get right."

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