Issue Position: Combating Global Climate Change

Issue Position

By:  Kirsten Gillibrand
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

Kirsten is following in the footsteps of great New York senators like Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Hillary Rodham Clinton, who also served on the important Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, giving New York a seat at the table on critical issues from protecting clean air and water to reversing the effects of climate change.

Kirsten will continue the legacy of her New York predecessors by promoting laws that safeguard our families and communities from toxic substances and other harmful chemicals, promoting open space conservation, protecting our nation's wildlife, and supporting efforts to restore New York's waters from Long Island Sound to the Great Lakes.

To stem the tide of global climate change, Kirsten is working to relieve America's dependence on carbon-based energy and invest in clean, homegrown energy sources. Those investments will not only address global climate change, but will spur economic growth, create green collar jobs and move America forward on a path to energy independence.

Kirsten supports aggressive action aimed at reducing carbon emissions by 80 percent by the year 2050. Capping emissions and investing in green technologies is Kirsten's strategy to stem the effects of climate change and drive private-sector investment in clean and efficient energy sources.

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