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American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 - Conference Report

Location: Washington DC

Oct. 10, 2004


Mr. GRAHAM of South Carolina. Will the Senator yield for a question?

Ms. LANDRIEU. I will be pleased to.

Mr. GRAHAM of South Carolina. I have been listening to the debate. I am sure putting together legislation is a very complex matter right at the end of the session. I need to make a comment and ask a question.

I could not agree more with the state of affairs as has been described by the Senator from Louisiana. The Guard and Reserve are being used in historic fashion. Does the Senator realize that of all the part-time employees who exist in the Federal Government, the Guard and Reserve is the only group that does not have full-time access to health care?

Ms. LANDRIEU. I am aware.

Mr. GRAHAM of South Carolina. Does the Senator further realize that at least half of the people called to active duty from the Guard and Reserve leave behind civilian jobs and thus have a reduction in pay, sometimes substantial?

Ms. LANDRIEU. I do believe that.

Mr. GRAHAM of South Carolina. Does the Senator agree with me that no matter what happens in the last hours of this session, that next year, because 40 percent of the people serving on active duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places are going to come from the Guard and Reserve, that we need to fix this, and whatever excuses exist today why we can't, that the Senate and the House need to understand that thousands of families are going off to get in a fight, getting injured, getting killed, and having their pay cut and no health care, and that the No. 1 priority of the Senate and House along with whomever is the President next year is to rectify some of these problems?

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