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Blog: Let's Set Smart Energy Policy


Location: Unknown

Our country is a massive energy consumer. That isn't going to change. So we must enact an energy policy that addresses growing demand with sensible, realistic ways of increasing supply that don't make our nation reliant on inconsistent and even hostile foreign suppliers.

We need to maximize the use of the resources we have right here at home and minimize our dependence on foreign oil producers. It is ludicrous as well as dangerous that a country like Iran can send markets into turmoil just by threatening to shut down a strategic waterway.

My opponent, John Yarmuth, opposes Kentucky's biggest energy advantage: coal. I believe we must utilize all our energy resources to wean ourselves off foreign oil. The simple truth is that America sits on the world's largest deposit of coal. We should explore all avenues of energy creation, including clean coal technologies. Becoming the world's leader in smart energy would also create much needed jobs, right here in the Commonwealth.

As technology continues to become integrated in almost everything we do as a culture, demand for energy is only going to increase. Until we set a course to fundamentally alter the way we get energy, things will only get worse.

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