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WANE - Pence Wants to Lower Sales, Income Tax

News Article

Location: Fort Wayne, IN

By Unknown

Mike Pence wants to lower Indiana's income and sales taxes, and get rid of the inheritance tax.

During a visit to Fort Wayne Thursday, Pence said lowering and eliminating taxes will be a central theme of his run for governor this year, right behind his first priority of passing balanced budgets and maintaining strong reserves.

"Indiana should do away with our inheritance tax. We're one of only eight states in America that has an inheritance tax and there's a genuine cost to our economy when we put that burden on our most prosperous families in the city and on the farm," said Pence, who is currently Indiana's Sixth District congressman. "I think there's other business tax reforms [we should enact]. I think we need to look at our overall income tax structure and sales tax structure and see where we can bring relief."

There was a time not long ago when Pence was routinely mentioned as a possible presidential candidate. But despite this year's struggle to find a Republican nominee, he said he has not second-guessed his decision not to run.

Pence and his family still think running for governor is where they can make the biggest difference, seeing it as a chance to build on Governor Mitch Daniels's reforms of the past 7 years. Pence said Indiana can lead the Midwest, if not the country, in job growth and educational performance, calling this "Indiana's moment" that presents an opportunity for the state to go from good to great.

"If we'll have the right leadership at every level, we can go from reform to results," said Pence. "We can demonstrate that freedom works; that the freedom to choose your school will make schools better for all of our kids [and that] freedom in the workplace will create opportunities for Hoosiers today and for our children and our grandchildren."

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