The US Senate: A Barrier to Economic Growth


By:  Bob Goodlatte
Date: May 18, 2012
Location: Unknown

As our economy continues to lag and unemployment remains high, Americans are frustrated. Families and small business owners are hurting. They want to see an end to this economic uncertainty and a plan to create jobs. That is why House Republicans put together the "Plan for America's Job Creators", a comprehensive pro-growth agenda. This initiative, which I strongly support and carry a copy with me, addresses our economic challenges, fosters innovation and investment, and helps job creators without raising taxes on our working families or small business owners.

House Republicans know the only way to help Americans and our economy recover is to tear down barriers to job creation and get Washington out of the way. This concept is key to our "Plan for America's Job Creators". Specifically, we have passed about thirty bills that would help achieve this goal. These bills promote policies such as increasing domestic energy production or reducing government mandates and regulatory burdens which all have the effect of creating jobs and growing our economy. Unfortunately, the U.S. Senate does not seem to share the same pro-growth focus and all of these bills have stalled in the Senate.

Perhaps the most egregious failure of the Senate is the fact that they have not passed a budget in over 1,100 days. While economists around the nation continue to highlight reforming government and reducing debt as a way to increase the investor and consumer confidence that will help unleash entrepreneurship and investment and get people back to work, this concept seems to be lost on the Senate. In the last three years, while they have been abdicating their responsibility to set spending limits for the federal government, our national debt has soared from just over $11 trillion to nearly $16 trillion. Day in and day out the Senate is missing an important opportunity to work with the House to rein in government spending and provide the fiscal discipline that is needed to grow our economy and create American jobs.

America will not become more competitive by taxing, spending, and regulating more than our competitors. That is why I am as committed as ever to the principles and priorities of limited government, low taxes, fiscal restraint and energy independence and these concepts are central to the Republican "Plan for America's Job Creators". As your Congressman I will continue to pursue an agenda focused on job creation that is consistent with these principles. The Senate needs to be a partner in these efforts instead of a hurdle. Instead of standing in the way of economic growth, the Senate should join the House in finding solutions that put America back on track toward prosperity.

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