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Tax Day: Brendan Mullen Calls on Congress to Make Tax Code Fair for Middle Class Hoosiers


Location: South Bend, IN

Brendan Mullen, South Bend native, West Point graduate, Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, small business owner, husband and father, today called for a fair tax code that doesn't give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and oil companies when our deficit continues to grow out of control and ensures Hoosier workers and middle class families aren't paying a higher tax rate than millionaires.

"As a small business owner and a father, I understand how challenging it is to grow a small business, make payroll, provide healthcare and other benefits for my employees and still have enough left over to care for my family. On Tax Day today, middle class Hoosier families are paying taxes at a higher rate than millionaires and they want to know once again, why Washington isn't on their side.

I believe that the tax code must get simpler and fairer and Congress has to budget by cutting spending the right way and not giving tax breaks to millionaires and oil companies when we are and our kids are haunted by a national debt that keeps growing, and growing. I am running to fight for a tax reform that helps reduce our deficit, ensures fairness for middle class families, and closes tax loopholes that help send our jobs overseas."

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